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Your best Google Calendar assistant
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Google Calendar at your service!

Feels like part of your macOS
Exchange and speed up your work and productivity with GCalendar. Now you can better manage your time by knowing exactly when a meeting is happening.
More Features
It's supercharging your Google Calendar

Every Google Account, every Google Calendar, and every Meeting or Event is now in the same place. GCalendar is loaded with awesome features that will add value to your work and make your productivity skyrocket.

Multi-user support

Fast change from one account to another

Now you don't need to constantly log out - login from one account to another in order to access the calendar that you need. GCalendar has an intuitive and fast user management feature that offers you a lighting fast way to jump from one account to another in just a few clicks.
Video-meetings support

Know exacly what and when a meeting will be

Never miss a meeting! GCalendar uses an advance notification system that looks through all of your calendars and extracts only the relevant information, in order to offer you smart alerts that will help you to be in time for every important meeting that you have. GCalendar has great and intuitive integration with major meetings applications like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and more.

Google account at your will

Fast access to your Google account

Need to manage your Google Account fast and easily? GCalendar also offers you a fast way to do it. With just one click you will land exactly where you need and you can start making the changes you need to do. Losing time through all of the tangled settings screens is now over.


... and beautifully designed

GCalendar strategically sits right next to your macOS clock area. Once you open it becomes your personal assistant. Regardless of where you are in the macOS, at any moment, GCalendar offers access to all of your important meetings and all your calendars.

Need more? It gives you more!

The good parts are not over yet! Because we know everyone is different and complex we took an extra step and did something amazing for you! Besides all of the goodies that GCalendar packs under the hood from its first use it also offers an amazing feature: compatibility with every Google Calendar Addon. What more do you ask for?



Your best Google Calendar assistant
GCalendar is your best choice when you want to perform operations with your Google Calendar account. Using the GCalendar you will unleash the full power of the Google Calendar in no time. Built with the latest and modern user interface elements, the application can be used even by an un-experienced user.
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System Requirements:

Requires macOS 10.14 or later.


Lifetime license: $14.99 / Yearly-subscription: $9.99

Latest Version:


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