Software Development

Fokusek Enterprise offers a wide range of IT services including iOS and MacOS software development using Objective-C and Swift.

We are different than others, because we took the software development to the next level, by adding a personal touch into each product, which means that every single application we develop is unique.

About us

Easy To Used

All of our applications are mean to be used by every single person, even if they are not tech skilled. Our research team strive to get feedback from people working in different industries and job, to assure that our developed products are easy to use.

Awesome Design

One of the main challenges in software development is design. The great team of designers is using the latest design trends in order to produce the best software layouts that will fascinate and tremble your eyes seconds after you download our applications.

Easy To Customize

Because we know that everyone is unique in his way, we always want our applications to be customized by the end-users. So using some new advanced algorithms, you can easily shape the applications developed by us in your own way.

UI/UX Design

User experience, or UX, is a user’s experience of using a product. That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, UX design is the process by which we understand what users want and need, and incorporate that into product design to deliver greater user experiences—and that’s the complex part.

App Development

Our highly trained software developers are using the latest programming techniques in order to complete the great challenges we are working on.

User Friendly interface

A user interface is what the user can see, hear, touch or even talk to when communicating or interacting with a device or computer software system.

Company Highlights

Even if we are just a startup founded in 2019, we are proud to announce that our team just expanded to over 15 people and we have one of the fastest growth thanks to the dedicated and beautiful team.

Awesome Features

Great UI Design

Awesome and modern graphics design.

Fully Responsive

An intuitive and fast responsive user interface.

Great Customize

Because you are unique you can customize your applications in your own way

Modern Design

We are using the latest software layouts in the industry

UX Design

The user experience are taken to the ultimate level of satisfaction.

24/7 Customers Support

Do you have a problem? Just drop us an email and we will be happy to assist.

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